Andre-Marx van den Heever was born 6 December 1976 in South Africa. Being raised in a traditional Afrikaans home was the beginning of a deep-seeded relationship with God. In 2003 he enrolled at Beth-Al Bible College as a Theology student and after numerous years of studies, accomplished a Doctorate of Ministry and a Master Degree in Christian Counselling. Today he is an ordained Minister of the Gospel and a registered Specialist Counsellor in South Africa. With a passion for people, his main aim with counselling is to help those in need to resolve personal and psychological problems with “The Word of God” as the final Authority.  By making use of the Bible, he helps you shed light on the issues at hand and ultimately guides you to the one true Counsellor and Healer “JESUS CHRIST”. By making use of his services, you will add fundamental value on your Spiritual Journey towards the best version of Yourself…

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