Are you suffering from Anxiety Depression Stress

Studies have shown that it effects more than 300 million people


Some of the fastest growing concerns in our modern-day lifestyle are triggered through Stress, Anxiety and  Depression…. Studies have shown that it effects more than 300 million people, and that’s only the ones that’s been professionally diagnosed. Chances are, that if you are listening to me right now, you could be one of those statistics.  The Good news is, you don’t have to stay one… My name is Dr Andre-Marx and I am Registered Specialist counsellor…

 Now you might ask, why should you listen to me?  For one, because I was once in your shoes – I was diagnosed with severe Depression in my early 20’s… but I refused to give up. My will to fight, and perseverance, lead me down a path of almost 2 decades and countless hours of studying to rediscover myself and to equip me with strategies and methods to concur this demons…

I am a living testimony that the “Let’s Beat it” series really does work…

 It’s filled with proven strategies that produce unparalleled results

I am passionate about people, and my main purpose is to help those who are stressed, down and depressed… by making use of these 18 interactive sessions, it is as if I am walking your personal journey with you, guiding you step by step to become the best version of you.

I am giving you access to the “Let’s Beat it” series absolutely FREE for a number of reasons…

1. Because I see this as an act of kindness, and every single act of kindness, no matter how small has a ripple effect

2. Because it is through giving that we actually receive… the joy of knowing that you made a difference in another human-beings life, is far greater than anything else…

3.Because the lack of money should NEVER be the reason why you cannot get the help that you deserve…


Yes its Free!

Because money should never be the reason why someone can’t get the help that they deserve… I do however would like to encourage you… If you are in the position to make a small donation (even if it’s $5-00), I would really be grateful…  It does take time and money to create these programs, and your donation will enable me to make more FREE content available for everyone… content about “Restoring Relationships” and “Overcoming Addictions…”

I tell you what… For your $5-00 donation I will add “The Most valuable FREE Gift” (a series consisting out of 12 life-changing teachings) just to say “Thank You”, together with your FREE “Lets Beat It” Series…

And if you can afford to donate $20-00, I will go the extra mile… I will include my no. 1 selling Book “HE IS… therefore, I am

20$ Donation

The FREE “Let’s Beat It” series (18 sessions) + “Most Valuable FREE Gift” (12 teachings) Donate + “HE IS, therefore… I am” (My no.1 Seller) 

5$ Donation

The FREE “Let’s Beat It” series (18 sessions) Donate + “Most Valuable FREE Gift” (12 teachings) 


The FREE “Let’s Beat It” series (18 sessions) 

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